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Previous Litters

                                                   Awwww, puppies in a basket!

                                                                                                  Last litter 2018'                    
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Displaying 20180810_160432.jpgDisplaying 20180811_103939.jpg "Sassy" and her familyDisplaying 48130.jpeg

"Reggie" and family!
Displaying 20180812_104718.jpgDisplaying 20180810_160812.jpg

      "Joy" and family!                    

                     Tenley protecting her babies at their vet check up!  She was very concerned and wouldn't leave them, such a good momma.  So sweet:)

"Reinha" and family!   

                                                                        Reinha and new sister Lucy




Nancy and McGee

 Aspen and family

Puppy play date!!  Fun time!

Lilly and family!
All grown up! 

Rosie 9 weeks

Rosie all grown up!

Fenway 8 weeks!

Fenway growing

Fenway in a costume contest as "Up", so cute!!

Wow, stunning Fenway!

What do we have here??  Fenway now has a new sister, Dixie and they have become quite the pair!! 

What a beautiful family!!  Living the dream!







Cooper all grown up!

The boys, Charlie and Samson!




This is Jake, "look how beautiful I am!"

Little sweet "Lilly"


Lilly with her new brother, Jake


                                                      Happy New Year 



This is "Jack",What a handsome boy!



What a beautiful picture of Jack and the girls! 



RubyAnne, oh so red...


 Earl's way of exercise, out for a run, in for a nap!  RubyAnne with her daddy and her brother Cody.  :) 




Blenheim boy, Tucker...what a sweety! 






                                                                 Little Sweet Charlotte 


                                                                                                                                                          Loves the snow

Charlotte loves to swim



Chloe, what a beautiful girl!








Stella, what a gorgeous girl!


"Stella" with her new friend, Gwen.





 Wow, a litter of 6 boys!



 Bentley at 6 weeks, and 5 months with his buddy Buffett.








Oh so "Happy" 




                                   Samuel and Sage with two of their best friends!                                                   



                                                       Gibson, 6 weeks





                                                 Here is Riley, what a gorgeous ruby boy!!



                                                            Lucy is Riley's sister.   What a pretty girl!





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